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Term and Condition

  1. WHO ARE WE?


The Locker was established in 2019 by PT TheLocker Solusi Indonesia at Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No.29, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Site Definitions

“Customer” is defined as a person who has an interest and involved with our site. 

“You” is referred as customers who places a reservation on our site.

“Account” is defined as registered The Locker account.   

Order Definitions

“Confirmation Order” refers to our notification regarding acknowledgement or order to you through mediums such as WhatsApp or Email and may not be limited to these methods.

“Contract” is the reservation of our product/s that is in accordance to our terms and conditions.

Use of Definitions

The definitions that are in this page are for convenience of use and should not be used for interpretation that may mislead to the structure of the terms and conditions.


Can You Order?


The Locker is a site that is open to any age group to browse. However, to place an order you must be over 18 years of age. If you are less than 18 years of age than you may place an order with the consent and involvement of a parent or a guardian.

We only accept orders from the age 18 and above. 


Customer Credibility

When ordering from The Locker, it mandatory to provide your true and accurate details. Details include name, contact number, email address, billing address, shipping address and others as requested by us.

We require the person referred on the information given to be correct. We do not hold responsibility for misdelivery caused by incorrect information. The Locker has the right to regulate and restrict the items shipped to customers including the postal addresses.   




Product Availability


Products ordered from The Locker are subjected to availability and our acceptance. The items appear in cart and on wish list does not represent on-hold and can still be purchased or rented by other customers.   


Once you placed your order on our site, an email of order confirmation will be sent to you with the details. The email only represents order confirmation and does not represent the acceptance of the order.


The order will be accepted and contract completed once the product have been received by you. For rent the order is completed once the product is returned and confirmed by us.


Order Rights

The Locker has the right to withhold or not to accept your order.  This includes but not limited to; incomplete or improper payment authorization, ineligible for purchase or rent, item to be below quality standards, shipping regulations and restrictions, or if there are any particular difficulties for the ordered item.        


The Locker also had the right to refuse or deny service to anyone at our discretion only and has the right to remove listed products and/or contents from our site.


Information Accuracy   

The Locker constantly tries to ensure the credibility of information displayed for websites, services and its products. In an occurrence of incorrect information, please send us an email with regards to the problem.

If an order is made with product containing misleading details, please contact us. A representative from The Locker will then contact you immediately. We will then allow for you to reconsider the option of your order.

If the customer paid for an order incorrectly compared to the advertised value, then you are subjected to a full refund regardless of order confirmation.    


Recipient Contact

In case of our inability to contact the order recipient we have the right to halt or cancel the order.  


Pre-shipping Cancellation

You will not be subjected to cancellation fee if you have cancelled before product shipment. Products shipped are not to be cancelled without a fee or cost incurred to you. Please refer to the shipment time and contact us through email, WhatsApp message or give us a call. We will try our best to solve your issue of cancellation.






The payment methods that The Lockers offer to are stated clearly in our site. You are able to complete the payment using The Locker payment partners stated on our site. We allow full payments or partial payments through the use of vouchers and gift cards if eligible.




To order in The Locker you have the authority and acknowledged the use of credit card or any other payment options to be yours or be provided consent of use by the owner of the specific method of payment. Confirmation of order will be given after fulfillment of requirements is checked and satisfactions is met by us.


By placing an order in our site, you will subject to checks by the card issuer or financial institutions. In an occurrence of denial of authorization, The Locker will not account for delays, cancelation of order and delivery.  




Delivery Time

The Locker aims to maintain the punctuality of the delivery of items indicated by us. We would dispatch the items in accordance to the shipment date stated in the product site.


Late Deliveries


The Locker are not to be liable in the delays caused by government procedures, customs and difference in local or international processes in delivery of any destination. In an occurrence of us not being able to be punctual in our delivery we will contact you and inform you. We are not liable for losses and costs that arise from late deliveries.



The products that will be delivered will be in standard shipping, please contact us for additional wrapping or gift wrap at a fee.

Product Receival

At the destination point of delivery we would request the signature of the recipient, after receiving the product you will then be in account to your product. If you have noted that the product purchased or rented (e.g. gift) is for someone other than you, you would be required to approve the acceptance of goods at the destination point as our proof of delivery completion and your fulfilled order by The Locker.


In an occurrence in which products are delayed or refused to be picked up and returned, The Locker will incur you costs for the situation.   




Bought and Rented Products


Only fitted products are in are in subject of return or exchange in conditions where they are unused, undamaged, unused, still with tags attached and, in The Locker, or original packaging. 


Rented products is should be retuned on the last day of rent. There will be a fee incurred for late returns.


Non-returnable Products

The products that are for sale, international delivered products or products that are stated as non-returnable are no able to be returned. Please contact us for more information.  



The Locker have the rights to determine the acceptability of returns and exchanges made based on our judgement. Thank you for understanding.




The Locker is not responsible and not liable for the event of failure or denial of service caused by the Acts of God (e.g. earthquake, flood, storms, etc.) or any unexpected interreference (electricity failure, connectivity failure, strikes, rebellion, war, etc.).




Law Region

The Agreement on this site is the govern under the law of the Republic of Indonesia.




You agree to indemnify The Locker and its associates from any claims including but limited to liability, damages and costs (e.g. legal fee) from the use of our site or your breach with our terms and conditions.


If there are any dispute that may arise with The Locker, the parties involved will be first in deliberation to reach a consensus. If the consensus is not met by parties then it will be solved by rules of the BANI Arbitration Center in Indonesia. The Result and decisions made by BANI Arbitration Center would be legally binding to both parties.   


Intellectual Property

The content shown on our website is property of PT TheLocker Solusi Indonesia. Any use of our content for any commercial purposes without the approval or license from The Locker will be considered infringement and will be taken appropriate action against.



You agree to not misuse The Locker’s tangible and intangible presences. Any malicious attempt such as assisting criminal acts, disturbance to others, violation to integrity, sending unsolicited material and the action of compromising The Locker websites.


Such actions will be taken seriously and be taken appropriate action against.